2016 HATAB Annual Conference presentations

The presentaitons from the HATAB Annual Conference at Maun Lodge, April 2016 are now available to download below, please click on the powerpoint file required.

File Format Ppt 48x48 Dept of Road Safety HATAB presentation 2016.ppt

File Format Ppt 48x48 DoT HATAB April 2016 Tourism Statistics Update.ppt

File Format Ppt 48x48 DoT HATAB_WAVES-Botswana_Presentation_April2016.pptx

File Format Ppt 48x48 ED's Presentation - Hatab 2016FINALVERSION.pptx 

File Format Ppt 48x48 HRDC HATAB Conference 2016 Presentation modified.pptx

File Format Ppt 48x48 Prioritization of Tourism in Botswana.ppt