Afro Trek


Private Bag 058, Maun
Tel/Fax: +267 686 2574
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Venture out and explore untouched wilderness with Afro Trek Safaris on a luxury safari in a style that best suits available budgets. Afro Trek Safaris offers personalised safaris throughout the Okavango Delta region and the wilderness areas of Botswana. Mokoro trail safaris of variable duration are also undertaken in a private concession, owned and operated by Botswana, on the Boro River system in the Okavango Delta.

For over 15 years Afro Trek Safaris has been working closely with and supporting the local communities organising Mokoro trail safaris. Afro Trek Safaris is based at Sedia Riverside Hotel, just 3 km from Maun Airport. With comfortable rooms and family oriented cottages nestled among soothing lawns, it offers a delightful idyll after an exciting day.